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If you plan to fly to Mauritius, check out the lastest updates here.

You should complete  the Mauritius All-in-one Travel Form prior to check-in at the airport of origin. 


If you are not a Mauritian Passport holder, you are kindly requested to complete the Disembarkation Card on board the flight to Mauritius.

For the importation of any agricultural commodity, a plant import permit is mandatory. Click here for the application form.

For the importation of pet animals, a veterinary permit is mandatory.  Click here for more info.

Please pay special attention to quarantine announcement on board of your aircraft.

All animals, poultry, ducks, other birds and their raw or frozen by-products, plants and plants’ cuttings, fruits and seeds are subject to Quarantine Control and must be declared at Customs.

Disembarkation procedures may take longer than usual.

Wear your face mask at all times.

Maintain physical distancing during disembarkation and when moving around in the Terminal.

Ensure that all your documents are ready, prior to disembarkation:

  • Passport
  • Immigration Disembarkation Card
  • Mauritius All in One Travel Form
  • Hotel Voucher - if applicable
  • Health insurance (incl. COVID cover) - if applicable
  • Vaccination card - if applicable

For COVID-19 updates, click here.

Follow the established passenger route and steps as directed:

  • Temperature screening conducted by Health Officers prior to entering the International Immigration Hall.  Suspect cases shall be redirected to the Health post..

You can help control the spread of coronavirus and travel safely by:

  • wearing your face mask throughout your travel journey and ensuring that it covers your nose and mouth at all times
  • replacing your used face mask when damp or after every four hours
  • avoiding touching your face mask while wearing it
  • avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth when removing your face mask
  • washing your hands with soap and water or by using hand sanitiser once you have removed your face mask
  • washing your hands with soap and water or by using hand sanitiser  regularly
  • maintaining physical distancing as instructed by the authorities, even when wearing your face mask
  • following the "See but don't touch" protocol.


Are you a Resident, Visitor, Crew member or Premium Class passenger? Check out the Displays above the Immigration Counters to know where to queue.

Immigration Forms are handed out on board of the aircraft but are also available at the airport. You are advised to complete the forms while on board to expedite the clearance process.

You are required to have the following valid travel documents:

  • Valid Passport or any other recognized travel document, with expiry date beyond 6 months of the intended period of stay.
  • Visa or Entry/Residence Permit as applicable.
  • Valid return/onward passage ticket to your country of origin or residence.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to meet the costs of stay in Mauritius (A minimum of USD 100 per day).
  • Confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius.
  • Eligibility to re-enter your country of origin or residence.
  • Duly filled Immigration Disembarkation Card, distributed on board. (Foreign Nationals only)

SSR International Airport - Clear Immigration Know More...

COVID 19 Sanitary Protocol

Wear your face mask and maintain physical distancing at all times.

Present your Mauritius All in One Travel Form QR Code and your passport at the Health Counter.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is also required for travellers over 1 year of age coming from potential infected areas.

Click here to visit the website of the Ministry of Health and Wellness for relevant communiqués.

Covid Test (International flights only)

If you would be residing in a place other than an approved hotel/resort, proceed for the Covid test after Health Counters.   

Once the Covid Test is completed, proceed to the Baggage Claim Hall.

Result of your Covid Test should be available within 1-2 hours.

COVID-19 Sanitary Protocol

Wear your face mask and maintain physical distancing at all times.

Take the escalator down to Level 1 and check your baggage Belt Number on the Flight Information Display at the foot of the escalator.

Baggage handling and delivery is the responsibility of the airlines from the point of check-in to the point of collection.

  • If you forgot anything on the aircraft please contact your airline immediately.
  • Proceed to the Baggage Service Counter, adjacent to Belt 6 for assistance in the unlikely event that your luggage is lost or damaged.
  • Oversize items (as well as golf clubs, surfboards, boxes, fragile items, etc.) are delivered at the Out of Gauge belt adjacent to Belt 1.
  • For later collection of a lost or detained luggage, proceed to the Baggage Service Counter in the Public Corridor at Level 0 near Gate 8.  If no officer is present there, a phone facility is available to call either your airline or Customs, depending on the nature of your request.
  • Luggage storage facility is not available.

COVID 19 Sanitary Protocol

Wear your face mask and maintain physical distancing at all times.

Once you have collected your luggage, sanitise your hands properly.

Abide to the following procedures for customs clearance:

  • Use the Green Channel if you have neither dutiable nor prohibited or restricted goods in your possession.
  • Use the Red Channel if you have goods to declare.
  • No duty is leviable on your necessary and appropriate wearing apparel and personal effects which you have used.
  • If you are 18 years or above, you are exempted from taxes as follows:
    • Tobacco (including cigars and cigarettes) not exceeding 250g
    • Spirits not exceeding 1 litre and
    • Wine, ale or beer not exceeding 2 litres

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SSR International Airport - Anything to declare? Physical cross-border transportation of currency or bearer negotiable instruments or precious stones and metals including gold, diamond and jewellery or any goods of high value including work of arts.  Know more...


COVID 19 Sanitary Protocol

Wear your face mask and maintain physical distancing at all times.

Find your Tour Operator after Customs, or catch your family or friends when you exit the Tour Operators Hall.

Car Rental services are available.

Airport Taxis and Public Bus Transport are available.

No meeters/greeters will be allowed in the public Welcomers' Hall.

COVID 19 Sanitary Protocol

Wear your face mask and maintain physical distancing at all times.

If you have arrived by an International flight, follow the established passenger route to the Shuttle area and board the vehicle to proceed to your resort or quarantine hotel.  Comply with protection measures that apply to ground transport systems.

Weather in Mauritius
22 °C