Sched Time Flight No. Destination Status Check In Gates
08:25 OS018 Vienna Check-in B15-B24 22
08:30 UU103 St Denis Reunion A15-A17 24
08:35 MK120 Rodrigues D02-D05 20
08:40 MK534 Dar Es Salaam Check-in B07-B14 18
08:50 DE2315 Frankfurt Check-in A19-A26 26
Sched Time Flight No. Arriving From Status Belts
06:55 OS017 Vienna Expected 07:09 03
07:30 LH578 Frankfurt Arrived 07:32 05
07:45 MK249 St Denis Reunion Arrived 07:32 06
07:50 UU102 St Denis Reunion Arrived 07:42 01
07:55 UU114 St Pierre Reunion 03


Wed, 10/26/2016 - 10:00 -


Galaxy Note7 Exchange Program

Samsung has set up two “Galaxy Note7 exchange counters” at the airport where Note7 owners will have the opportunity to exchange their devices and transfer all of their data to a new Samsung Flagship S7 edge phone. These counters situated in the International Departure Check in Hall B and the Tour Operators Hall at Arrival will be manned from 06:00 to 22:00 (local time) every day.