• Firearms of any type including replicas or toys
  • Explosives including fireworks, flares, toy gun caps (Not allowed either in Cabin or Hold)
  • Gases comprising compressed gas cylinders, tear gas, mace, pepper sprays (Not allowed), household aerosols (Allowed in cabin/hold but not on person) Total of net quantity must not exceed 2 kg or 2 Lt and each article must not exceed 0.5 kg or 0.5 Lt in Hold Baggage)
  • Flammable materials including petrol, lighter fuel, paint, thinners, non-safety matches, fire lighters, flammable glue (Not Allowed)
  • Poisons including weed killers, pesticides, insecticides (Not Allowed)
  • Corrosive substances including batteries, mercury, drain cleaners (Not Allowed)
  • Hoverboard, mini-segway, scooters, etc (not allowed on board)

- Other dangerous goods such as magnetised or radioactive material, toxic or infectious substances like laboratory diagnostic samples (Not Allowed)

Note:  Not Allowed category includes Cabin /Hold luggage 


Biometric Identity Control

In order to reinforce the reliability of security checks for airport personnel entering secure areas, the terminal, with the collaboration of the PIO (Passport and Immigration Office), may use a biometric identity control system.



Passengers having  accessed the Sterile Area, are not allowed to go back to Immigration or outside the terminal. In case passenger declines boarding, all formalities will be done via  Arrival Immigration and Customs. Passengers are informed that the Airport is under 24/7 hrs CCTV surveillance.