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Security Screening

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms of any type including replicas or toys
  • Explosives including fireworks, flares, toy gun caps (Not allowed)
  • Gases comprising compressed gas cylinders, tear gas, mace, pepper sprays (Not allowed)
  • Household aerosols (Allowed in hold luggage only) Total quantity must not exceed 2kg or 2l and each article must not exceed 0.5kg or 0.5l
  • Flammable materials including petrol, lighter fuel, paint, thinners, non-safety matches, fire lighters, flammable glue (Not Allowed)
  • Poisons including weed killers, pesticides, insecticides (Not Allowed)
  • Corrosive substances including batteries, mercury, drain cleaners (Not Allowed)
  • Hoverboard, mini-segway, scooters, etc (Not allowed on board)
  • Other dangerous goods such as magnetised or radioactive material, toxic or infectious substances like laboratory diagnostic samples (Not Allowed)
Note:  Not Allowed category includes both Hand and  Hold luggage 

Hold Luggage Screening

Passengers' hold luggage will be security screened after Check-In formalities. Consequently, all passengers should proceed directly to Check-In counters upon arrival at the airport.
Passengers may be called upon to verify the contents of their hold luggage, for security reasons, before boarding the aircraft.

Hand (Cabin/Carry-on) Luggage Screening

All passengers are required to undergo security screening and have their hand-luggage x-rayed. Sharp objects and potentially dangerous objects are not allowed in hand luggage. 

Security Officers at Screening Points may confiscate any item deemed potentially dangerous, either at their professional discretion or at the request of the airlines. 

Passengers with medical conditions who need to carry medical items such as needles or syringes in their hand luggage should carry the appropriate medical advice and produce same on request.

Passengers who wish to have specific items manually inspected instead of x-ray examination may make such request to the security screening officers.

As from 1st March 2007, LAGs items in hand luggage not conform to regulations, will be confiscated and disposed of as provided by the laws in force in Mauritius. In case of doubt, passengers can enquire with security officers on the floor.

Passengers are kindly requested to divest all items  (metal or non-metal) in their possession such as belt, heavy metal watch and jewellery, mobile phones, coins  into the tray provided, prior to going through for Cabin Baggage Screening. 

Please note that laptops, LAGs in re-sealable plastic bags, medication, clothing (jackets), cabin bag and divested items will have to be screened separately.