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Below is a list of guidelines which can contribute to make the airport and your air travel safer.


  • Do not make comments about carrying weapons or explosives as this may result into an objection to board the aircraft and prosecution.
  • Do not pack sharp objects such as knives, scissors, corkscrews or knitting needles in your hand luggage.
  • Refusal to explosive trace detection (ETD) screening will result in exclusion to board the aircraft.
  • Do not carry any LAGs above 100 ml each (liquid, Aerosols and Gels) goods with you or in your bags.  These will be confiscated by security staff if detected.
  • Do not leave baggage unattended in public areas.  
  • Avoid carrying beverage containers through the screening checkpoint area.
  • Removal of Shoes:- You are not REQUIRED to remove your shoes before you enter a Security Screening Point. But we encourage passengers who wear boots and footwear with metal sole to remove shoes. Otherwise the passenger will have to undergo additional screening.
  • Avoid jeweleries or clothing that may set off the metal detector alarms for further screening
  • Do not overpack your bag(s) 
  • Always decline carrying bags/ wrapped parcels for other people without knowing the contents of same
  • Do not carry undeclared  animals in baggage.
  • You are advised to pack your sporting equipment (such as golf clubs, golf balls, snooker cues, fishing rods, etc…) in your hold luggage. Golf balls not allowed in your Cabin Baggage.
  • Do not pack gel-type candle in Cabin Baggage. Fuel-type or gas candle lighter are not allowed on board.
  • All spare lithium batteries including lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries are not allowed in hold luggage.
  • Not more than two spare batteries are allowed in cabin luggage for Lithium Ion batteries for portable electronic devices (including medical devices) with a Wh rating exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh.
  • Do not let a loose battery come into contact with metal objects (e.g. coins, keys, or jewellery)


  • It is best to check-in earlier and have all the necessary travel documents ready prior to Check In
  • Make sure you have the correct boarding passes and travel documents to be presented if requested at the security check points and at boarding gates
  • Check with your airline beforehand if you are unsure whether an item will be permitted onboard
  • Place all small and valuable items into your hand carry-on bag before you proceed to the screening check point. This will avoid leaving behind any belongings.
  • Take airport and aircraft security seriously and give yourself time to clear airport screening processes 
  • All International passengers to reach airport 3 hours earlier for  Check-In/Border Control/Security processes
  • Medical Condition:- If you require to carry a needle or a syringe on your person or in your cabin carry-on baggage, declare it at the airline check-in for  security formalities
  • Inform the Security Officers of your  medical conditions, such as a pacemaker that might be affected by the screening process.
  • Remove laptop computers, video cameras with cassettes, and film cameras from their carry-cases and place them in the trays provided.
  • Declare any prohibited items and weapons to the screening staff at the security screening check point or dispose at the container provided at the screening check point
  • Be security minded. Report any unusual behaviour or suspicious activity to airport staff promptly
  • Left-Over  Items in Terminal:- Duty Free Goods found left over in the Terminal will be handed to MRA Customs. Other items will be handed to Airport Police.
  • Passengers having left over belongings in the terminal building are requested to enquire with Airport Customs/Police  accordingly.
  • Place each battery in a protective case, plastic bag, or leave it in its original packaging when possible.  You can also place tape across the battery's contacts to isolate terminals (noted by the + and – symbols) to prevent any short-circuiting or overheat which may cause sparks or fire.
  • Recommended to keep all batteries and electronic devices containing batteries packed in Cabin Baggage.
  • Batteries for wheelchairs and other battery-powered personal mobility aids must meet the airline’s approval and be shown to the screening officer. For more information, kindly consult your airline.
  • Double –check the contents of your bags to ensure that there are no prohibited items which have been inadvertently packed
  • Unattended Luggage in Terminal:
  1. ​At Arrivals
    - Baggage with tags will be handed to respective Airline at Baggage Claim
    - Baggage without tags but with Duty Free Goods will be handed to MRA Customs
    - Baggage without tags with non duty-free goods will be handed to Airport Police
    - Baggage with tags outside Arrival Hall will be handed to Airport Police
  2. At Departures
    - Baggage found in MC or outside must be deliver to Airport Police
    - Baggage found in sterile area will be handed to Customs /Police
  • Passengers with Mobility Disabilities:
  1. ​Plan and book flight in advance and inform airline representative of the following:
    - Type of disability
    - Special dietary requirement
    - Whether will be accompanied 
  2. Arrive airport earlier for formalities

Note: As per current Aviation Security Regulations all passengers must undergo security screening process. Though every effort will be made to avoid any undue hassle we rely on the patience and cooperation of passengers.