ATMs (Cash Dispensers)

ATMs are available at Ground Floor outside the Tour Operators Hall near Gates 4 and 7 respectively.  

Baggage Storage

Baggage storage facility is not available.

Bag wrapping

Safe Wrap provides security baggage wrapping services in the International Check-in Halls A and B, near Gates 13 an16 respectively.

First Aid/Medical Service

First Aid/Medical Service is available for passengers in the following zones:

  • Public Zone near opposite Gate 8 at the Ground Floor (Level 0).
  • International Departure Hall, Sterile Zone at the First Floor (Level 1).
Flower Shop

A florist counter is available in the International Check-in Hall (Level 1) opposite Gate 15.

Information Desk

An information desk is available in the Tour Operators Hall at Ground Floor (Level 0).

Kids’ Corner

There is a cosy kids’ corner located in the Boarding Area.

Children should remain under care of an adult at all times.  The airport will not take any responsibility in case of injury.

Letter boxes

You'll find Letter boxes before and after Immigration in the Terminal.  Please be aware that anything you post may be inspected by Customs.

Money Change

Click here to check out Foreign Exchange Rates.

Foreign Exchange & Banking Services are available both at Arrival (Ground Floor) and Departure (First Floor).   See also ATMs.

Pay phones

Public telephones can be found at Ground Floor (Level 0) and First Floor (Level 1) near the lifts.  These accept either cash or card but not both.

Two public phones, accepting both cash and cards, are also available in the Departure Hall after Immigration in the vicinity of Boarding Gates 21 and 27.

Post Office

The airport Post Office is located in the right wing of the Terminal in the vicinity of Gate 3 at Ground Floor (Level 0) , i.e. in the arrival zone.   

Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday 08:15 – 16:00

Saturday 08:15 – 11:45.


Porter service is not available.

Prayer Room

There is a  prayer room in the Departure Hall after Immigration behind the Hugo Boss shop offering a discreet retreat for prayer and meditation.

Public Area

Family and friends seeing off or welcoming passengers can stroll around in designated public areas, namely the Tour Operators Hall (Ground Floor), Check-in Hall (First Floor - Level 1) and the Public Terrace (Level 2).  

Restaurants are available in the International Check-in Hall and at the Level 2.

Special Assistance

Passengers having a disability or mobility difficulties must inform the airline of their particular need at least 48 hours before their flight for special assistance.

A.      Landside, Ground Floor:

  • 2 Lifts, 1 on each side of Gates 14/ 15 (Level 0 - Level 2)
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Rooms
B.      Check-In Hall:
  • No dedicated/reserved seating inside Hall A/B
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Rooms
  • Fast track at Immigration Counter for Crew and Diplomats
C.      Security Check:
  • Security Inspection 1 & 2 dedicated for wheelchair and pacemaker passengers
  • Security inspection 4 & 5 dedicated for transit passengers, including wheelchair and pacemaker – with special door in place for ease of access
D.      Boarding Area:
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Rooms
  • Fast Track for boarding as per airline procedures
  • Gate 24 with dedicated space for wheelchairs
E.       Arrival Hall:
  • 4 Lifts going from Level 1 to Level 2
  • Immigration Counters 18/ 36 dedicated – with signage
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Rooms
F.       Transfer Area:
  • Counters spacious enough for wheelchair
  • Waiting area – with a water dispenser, stretcher
  • Lift behind Counters to access the Level 1
G.     Arrival Baggage Area:
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Rooms
H.      Domestic Flight:
  • Ramp at both arrival and departure
  • Toilets + Baby Changing Room



You can buy stamps at the Post Office or at the Bookcourt shop located in the Boarding Area opposite Gate 28.

Ticketing Counters

Ticketing Counters are located in the International Check in Hall (Level 1) opposite Gates 13 and 15 respectively.  

There exists a ticketing counter for Rodrigues flights outside the Domestic Check-in Hall at Ground Floor (Level 0).

Unaccompanied Minors

Passengers should request their airline for unaccompanied minors service.  The Meeting point for unaccompanied minors is the Tour Operators Hall at Ground Floor (Level 0).  


Enjoy free WiFi service in the Passenger Terminal of SSR International Airport for surfing the Internet or sending/receiving e-mails.


  1. Enable WiFi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Select and connect to the “Free Passenger WIFI” SSID.
  3. Launch your Internet Browser (e.g Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and key in a valid website address to access the login page.
  4. Read the on-screen Terms and Conditions of use and choose Accept.

Once you've completed registration, you can enjoy one hour of free Internet.