Baggage Allowance

The cabin and check-in baggage allowance, i.e. weight, quantity, size, etc, may vary from one airline to the other.   You are advised to check your baggage allowance with your airline when booking to avoid any complications at check-in.   Baggage handling and delivery is the responsibility of the airlines from the point of check-in to the point of collection.  If anything is left on an aircraft please contact the airline immediately.


Baggage Reclaim Hall

After Immigration and Health clearance, take the escalator to Level 1 and check your baggage Carousel Number on the flight information display at the foot of the escalator.


Oversize Baggage

Oversize & fragile baggage such as surfboards, baby prams, golf bags, etc must be retrieved at the Out of Gauge Baggage Carousel, adjacent to Carousel 1.


Lost or Damaged Baggage

Baggage handling and delivery is the airline’s responsibility from check-in to the point of collection.


Proceed to the Baggage Service Counter, adjacent to Carousel 6 for assistance in the unlikely event that your baggage is lost or damaged.


For later collection of a lost or detained baggage, proceed to the Baggage Service Counter at Level 0 near Gate 8 - adjacent to the Police sub-station.  In the absence of an officer, phone facility is available to call either your airline representative or Customs, depending on the nature of your request.


Baggage Storage

Baggage storage facilities are not available at the airport.


Baggage claim at ground level